Male nature—Is violence and hyper-sexuality part of the biology of men?

Part 2 – The societal misrepresentation of men.   Read the preceding article Am I dangerous? ‘Dangerous’, is about the capacity and the likelihood to do harm.  So does male biology make men dangerous?   […] Read More

A governmental failure to empower women by instead further obligating men (2/4)

  Click here to start at the beginningof this story…     One of the challenges that first wave feminism encountered was a problem referred to as the disposability of women—I want to point out […] Read More

What does it mean to be (gender) Equality Agnostic?

Get a balanced perspective on gender equality, read both sides of the same story: Is this site religious? No. What does it mean to be (gender) Equality Agnostic? Gender Equality Agnosticism is a form of Egalitarianism, […] Read More

Good Women vs Bad Men—An insight into media gender stereotyping

Any reference to patriarchy in any of our articles is based on the dictionary definition of patriarchy–essentially a societal norm of awarding authority roles to men. does not support the second-wave or RadFem definition […] Read More

A Gender Equality Agnostic (GEA) look at Celebgate

Start at the Introduction Being GEA is an attempt at walking in each gender’s shoes. It is driven from a position of empathy and from an understanding that humans are foremost creatures with biological and […] Read More

A Lipstick Feminism look at Celebgate

Start at the Introduction Lipstick Feminism is considered to be a type of backlash feminism by women who wanted to reclaim their sexuality after becoming tired of the angry-sexless-feminist stereotype created by second wave feminism.  […] Read More