The top INTERNATIONAL gender issues

Generally speaking, issues that happen in western culture also happen internationally, however as a norm, international gender issues do not happen in western countries.

International Women’s issuesInternational Men’s issues
Sex slavery—sold
Women are predominantly sold often as children and forced into the sex-slave trade, particularly in Asia.
Male genocide
In areas under military dispute (eg conflicts involving ISIS), men that are captured are put to death on the basis that they are male.
Sex slavery— captured
In areas under military dispute eg (eg conflicts involving ISIS), women that are captured are often forced into rape camps or sex-slave trade on the basis that they are female.
Slave labour
There are many instances of slave labour still existing within Asia.
Child bridesBoy soldiers
Historically boys as young as 14 have enlisted by choice in war with government consent.  Unfortunately there are many cases, particularly in Africa and the Middle East where young boys are kidnapped from their families, or are forced to murder their own families, as part of initiation into youth armies.
Female circumcisionBody parts black market
Predominantly areas such as India, Pakistan and Asia have a rife black market underground, with poor sons and fathers selling their internal organs to try and meet their provider roles – sometimes even committing suicide by surgery to provide for their families.  Isis in the meantime is butchering men and selling their internal organs.
Gender focused child abortion/murder
There are many segments of the world that value a male child over female, a hangover from when sons were required for physical labour, war or the succession of lineage and women were limited to roles that revolved around nurture.  In the modern equivalent of these societies there are many case of abortion based on the gender of a child.
Acid Attacks
While everyone is judged on their appearance, women have a societal gender obligation to be beautiful to have societal “worth”.  Acid attacks are a deliberate attempt at ensuring that a woman is forever “worthless”.
Control of women’s attire
Particularly an issue where women can be attacked or put to death for ‘public indecency’ simply for something as simply as not wearing full body covering.

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